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Customer Service

We contact the recipient first, to avoid problems later.

Customer Service

We contact the recipient first, to avoid problems later.

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Who helps me?

Do you have doubts about how to prepare your bags? Do you want information on restrictions or rules of international transport? Do you need help diverting your luggage to another destination due to an unexpected problem? Not sure how to place the tag on your luggage? Don't worry, there's Zyppy. Zyppy Contact Service is made up of real people and not registered automatic systems. Zyppy knows customer needs and is always able to translate requests into concrete and immediate actions.

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What the Contact Service does

When you book a shipment, our staff will make sure that all the data entered are correct and complete, contacting you if necessary, do not forget to enter an accessible telephone number and an email that you consult regularly. After this check, Zyppy will contact the recipient to make sure they are able to receive your luggage and will keep it until your arrival. So you can enjoy your holiday immediately without having to drag heavy suitcases or go straight to the hotel to "unload" your luggage.


If you have booked a return trip, for example, you can leave your luggage at the hotel ready for the new shipment by following the same directions as for the outward journey. The Zyppy Contact Service will manage the collection with the accommodation facility where you were staying to better organize the return home of your bags, letting you enjoy the last moments of your trip without worries.


If in our systems you cannot find a match with the characteristics of your luggage or sports equipment, the Contact Service staff will be available to evaluate dedicated alternative solutions with you. There are few things that we are unable to send! If you prefer not to make a reservation via the web, you can also request quotes or manage your already purchased reservations directly over the phone.

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How and when to request assistance

The ways to communicate with the Zyppy Contact Service are easy and immediate. You can call +39 02 841 03040 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm. Reservations for the next day must be made no later than 5pm otherwise they are not guaranteed. In a few minutes you will receive information on the status of your shipments or assistance for any doubts. Alternatively you can write an email to support@zyppy.it indicating the nature of your request, Zyppy staff will reply as soon as possible.


Spedizione di prodotti alimentari

Se sono presenti prodotti alimentari nella spedizione ricordarsi di stampare e compilare il modulo “MANLEVA FOOD” che verrà inviato a fine spedizione.
Non tutti i cibi possono essere trasportati, nel documento “MANLEVA FOOD” sono riportati tutti i cibi non introducibili della spedizione.
I prodotti devono essere sotto vuoto e se si tratta di liquidi devono garantire la tenuta stagna.

Il modulo è scaricabile qui di seguito e, per tua comodità, ti sarà recapitato in allegato alla mail di conferma ordine.


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