Transportation Restrictions

Shipping guidelines, standard shipping and restrictions to make a to and from Italy
ZYPPY® è un marchio di proprietà della società A.L. SOL S.r.l. Per ZYPPY® si intende tutta la struttura di trasporto e gestione dei servizi collegati allo stesso erogato da A.L. SOL S.r.l. e dei partner autorizzati e accreditati.


Non-Transportable Goods
Le seguenti merci non sono accettabili per il trasporto, per ragioni di sicurezza, per disposizioni sanitarie o di natura amministrativa. Ciò nell’interesse esclusivo del cliente, al fine di garantire in ogni caso la massima efficienza del trasporto. Prima di procedere alla preparazione delle spedizioni è perciò importante che il Cliente controlli l’elenco delle merci non trasportabili al fine di evitare disguidi di ogni sorta che non potranno in alcun modo coinvolgere la responsabilità di ZYPPY® marchio di proprietà della società A.L. SOL S.r.l. o della società stessa.


Forbidden goods
The customer who contravenes the following provisions does so at his own risk and peril both towards his own assets, in the damages that he could cause to goods and persons of third parties, and towards the legal safety provisions that he could infringe. By accepting the conditions of service, the Customer undertakes not to place in the luggage:

  • Safety matches, lighters and related fuels.
  • Batteries with electrolyte.
  • Batteries or lithium batteries, if equipped with a power greater than 160 Wh or in the case of additional spare batteries (carried alone, outside the device).
  • Printer cartridges.
  • Fireworks, firecrackers, flares, flares, false guns, light fires, tear gas.
  • Camping stoves, gas cylinders, oxygen cylinders for diving.
  • Paint, varnish, lacquer.
  • Toxic, infectious and radioactive materials.
  • Chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides.
  • Pickling agents, bleach, chlorine, detergents.
  • Liquidi infiammabili di ogni tipo e in particolare carburanti, diluenti, solventi, acetone.
  • Mercury thermometers and barometers.
  • Animals.
  • Works of art / Antiques (including furniture).
  • Asbestos.
  • Ingots (gold, silver and other precious metals).
  • Cash and bearer negotiable securities and instruments comparable to money (paper money, activated credit cards, prepaid telephone cards, lottery tickets, "Scratch and Win").
  • Weapons, ammunition, parts thereof and imitations.
  • Furs, Sheepskin or parts of them.
  • Hazardous or flammable material (as per IATA Regulations, including pressurized containers such as aerosols - for example, spray deodorants, lacquers, etc.).
  • Human remains or ashes.
  • Raw precious materials (jewelry, precious stones).
  • Narcotics (illegal).


Transportation of any goods to which ownership or transportation is prohibited by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country to or through which the shipment should be transported is prohibited.


Non-Transportable Goods in Italy
In addition to the goods listed above, ZYPPY® and the companies and partners working with it, do not accept:

  • Any type of goods not adequately packaged, with respect to their shape, content and / or characteristics.
  • Qualsiasi tipo di merce che possa arrecare danno a persone o a materiale/locale per effetto della sua proprietà intrinseca.


Goods not acceptable for carriage with ZYPPY® and the companies and partners working with it

  • Asbestos.
  • Animals (dead or alive).
  • Weapons, ammunition, parts thereof and imitations.
  • Cash and bearer negotiable securities and instruments comparable to money (paper money, activated credit cards, prepaid telephone cards, lottery tickets, "Scratch and Win").
  • State marks (SIAE stamps, excise duties, revenue stamps, postage stamps).
  • Flowers.
  • Ingots (gold, silver and other precious metals).
  • Military material (equipment or components).
  • Raw precious materials (Jewelery, precious stones).
  • Illegal Goods.
  • Exhausted oils.
  • Human remains or ashes.
  • Airline / train / tickets for events and / or shows.
  • Carboy.
  • Belongings not subject to objective evaluation.
  • Rigid boats.
  • Insects, larvae or pupae.
  • Metal Sheets.
  • Household goods (moving house). War material, military, weapons, such as:
  • Weapons, parts thereof and imitations.
  • Explosives.
  • Material intended for military use (material that could be used for war purposes as a finished product or part of it).


Goods of particular value, such as:


  • Precious metals.
  • Jewelery / precious stones / ingots.
  • Works of art / Antiques (including furniture).
  • Cash / checks / credit cards.
  • Securities / shares / bills / savings books.
  • Telephone cards.
  • Perishable goods or other easily damaged goods that must be protected from sources of heat or cold or in any case require special treatment (eg food or pharmaceutical products that require transport on controlled temperature vehicles).
  • Dangerous goods (ADR except ADR LQ).
  • Cars, motorcycles and similar.
  • Exhausted oils classified as hazardous waste by Art. 7 of DGL 22/97.
  • Plants.
  • Human or animal remains - ashes.
  • Narcotic and / or narcotic substances.
  • Tobacco (raw or processed, cigarettes).
  • Artistic glassware max value € 250 per piece and € 5000 with non-deformable packaging - insurance see time glassworks at cost. In some cases, and only with written authorization, the value of the industrial cost of the goods can be insured and not the value of the sale price of the goods (in the absence of proof of industrial cost, the customer can insure 50% of the value of the sale of the goods).


Counterfeit goods
The transport of counterfeit goods is prohibited. ZYPPY® applies security policies that do not allow the transport of counterfeit goods through its network. ZYPPY® does not want to be associated with counterfeit products and in case of suspicion about the nature of such goods to be imported or exported, the customs authorities will be informed. In many countries around the world it is forbidden to introduce counterfeit goods and, in these cases, the customs authorities will seize the goods and prosecute the buyer. If you are offered branded products for sale at very low prices on commercial websites or through other channels, it is usually possible to assume that the goods are counterfeit. High quality branded products that are often counterfeited are:

  • Shoes.
  • Clothing.
  • Bags.
  • Expensive watches.
  • CDs and DVDs.
  • Perfumes.


The customer is aware that for the transport in which a customs control is required, any burden, cost or responsibility will be entirely borne by him.


Transport of particular goods subject to sanitary, veterinary and phytopathological control
To allow rapid customs clearance of international shipments to and from Italy it is necessary to have an accompanying invoice for the goods, filled in correctly, showing the EORI code / VAT number and / or the tax code of the importer and useful contact data. with the recipient (e.g. email address or telephone number).


Products subject to sanitary, veterinary or phytopathological formalities involve one or more of the following situations:


  • Some types of goods needs health checks before they can be cleared through customs.
  • Transport regulations are issued by the Ministry of Health and health checks must always be carried out regardless of the value and quantity of the goods.
  • Where the presentation of the “Nulla Osta Sanitario” (NOS) certificate to customs is required, the issue of the same entails an additional cost to be paid to the Ministry of Health.


What types of goods are subject to health checks?
Examples of main categories of products subject to health checks:

  • Liquid and non-liquid products intended for human consumption (FOOD).
  • Medicinal products and drugs in general.
  • Medical devices.
  • Food products of animal origin (veterinary control).
  • Products of plant origin, eg. seeds, plants, herbs (phytosanitary control).
  • Human hair.
  • Cosmetics.


For small quantities - which must be verified from time to time with the Ministry of Health and / or for products intended for laboratory tests, machine tests and therefore not for human consumption - the health check takes place without the issue of the true Health Authorization. own and can be done by notification, therefore without any additional cost to be paid to the Ministry of Health.


In the preparation phase of the shipment, ZYPPY® can not only give you advice on how to speed up and make customs clearance processes more efficient, but can provide you with a range of additional paid and dedicated customs services (Special Clearance Services e.g. for issue: Nulla Osta Sanitari, CITES, ATA Carnet, etc.)


ZYPPY® operates in compliance with the current health legislation.


If the customer contravenes the transport restrictions and if this behavior generates additional charges, ZYPPY reserves the right to request the customer a refund equal to the additional cost generated by the failure to observe these restrictions. For any clarification in this regard, the customer can contact Zyppy customer service on 02 84 10 30 40 and consult the Terms and Conditions of service section on the website


Spedizione di prodotti alimentari

Se sono presenti prodotti alimentari nella spedizione ricordarsi di stampare e compilare il modulo “MANLEVA FOOD” che verrà inviato a fine spedizione.
Non tutti i cibi possono essere trasportati, nel documento “MANLEVA FOOD” sono riportati tutti i cibi non introducibili della spedizione.
I prodotti devono essere sotto vuoto e se si tratta di liquidi devono garantire la tenuta stagna.

Il modulo è scaricabile qui di seguito e, per tua comodità, ti sarà recapitato in allegato alla mail di conferma ordine.


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