Privacy Regulation

The Zyppy web page, in order to offer a better service, makes a limited use of cookies. However, we do not save any personal or credit card information in the cookies. Cookies contain a session ID number and some basic information about your trip. Cookies can also be used if you use a mobile device, even if no data can reveal your identity to us. If you prefer, you can delete Zyppy cookies through your browser settings.


We use some Google Analytics data to publish ads based on the user's previous visits to our site. For example, the ads can be customized in response to the content of the page that the user has previously visited. The information does not include personal data. This system is used for advertising purposes only and by Zyppy only. However, it is possible to deactivate Google Analytics at any time.


Safe transactions
All credit card requests and confirmations, which we receive through our web page, are processed on secure Paypal servers, which protects your information. You can be sure that your browser uses this server for secure data transmission from the small padlock that can be viewed at the bottom of your browser window. If the lock is closed, this is a secure transmission.


Information service via email
Upon registration, you confirm that we can contact you to promptly inform you about news, promotions or dedicated services. This means that we will send you an email as soon as you have confirmed your email address. If you do not reply to this email, we will not send you any further emails. You can also unsubscribe from our newsletter subscription service.


Email address and personal information
Zyppy is aware of the importance and confidentiality in the use of information, which is made available to us on this web page or through Contact Service. Based on the services you have requested, we need the following information: name, email address, street and city of residence, telephone number, city. We only need this information to be able to process requests and bookings received. We will send you our email newsletter only if you have clearly selected this option. Otherwise you will not receive any type of unsolicited email. In addition, we will selectively send certain information to third parties only if it appears to us that their products and services will be of interest to you and benefit you. If you do not want to receive advertising from third parties and you have entered this in your preferences, we will take note and will not forward ANY data to third parties. If, on the other hand, you allow us to forward your data to third parties, you can still modify or request the cancellation of these actions by communicating it to us via email. Please take note that we will also put your personal data at the service of our collaborators, in order to be able to process your reservation regularly. If you are registered as a user and enter our web page, your data will be used every time you send us a request or edit your information as a user. If you are not the only one using your computer, check that, to avoid improper access to your account, the logout has been completed at the end of your session. You can request the vision of your data at any time, as well as changes and cancellations. Contact us at


Contact Service
If you have or have been contacted directly one of our sales collaborators for your request or booking, you have been informed that the services will be provided by Zyppy and you agree that the data you have communicated and made available to our collaborators of sale, are used by us according to the privacy rules.


Privacy Policy
For complete information on privacy and the rules governing its operation, visit the page Privacy Policy.


Prohibited Uses
The use of any device, software or procedure, direct or indirect, that interferes or attempts to interfere with the regular activity of this website is strictly prohibited. Any activity that causes excessive effort or excessive activity to our system is also prohibited. We control access to the website by data collectors and automatic access to information, and we would block the processes related to these activities.


Spedizione di prodotti alimentari

Se sono presenti prodotti alimentari nella spedizione ricordarsi di stampare e compilare il modulo “MANLEVA FOOD” che verrà inviato a fine spedizione.
Non tutti i cibi possono essere trasportati, nel documento “MANLEVA FOOD” sono riportati tutti i cibi non introducibili della spedizione.
I prodotti devono essere sotto vuoto e se si tratta di liquidi devono garantire la tenuta stagna.

Il modulo è scaricabile qui di seguito e, per tua comodità, ti sarà recapitato in allegato alla mail di conferma ordine.


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