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How it work

A few clicks and your luggages will be on their way, wherever you want.

How it work

A few clicks and your suitcases will be on their way,
wherever you want.

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First of all, book online, making sure to check the pick-up date based on when you want your luggage to be delivered. Remember that Zyppy normally delivers within 24 hours throughout the European Community, but that some areas may have longer delivery times. You will be contacted by the Zyppy Contact Service staff to ensure that all departure and arrival data are correct. Zyppy will also take care of contacting the references you provided to us at your destination to make sure that no inconvenience can ruin your experience. You will receive the documentation and shipping labels by email. Once the waybill (AWB) has been printed, attach it prominently on the outside of the luggage and insert a copy inside.

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Luggage preparation

Pack your bags the same way you would for air travel. Try to avoid luggage that has protruding pieces or accessories that can easily break or fall off. Make sure you close all pockets and zips, and for extra safety put an identification plate on the handle of the suitcase. Remember that for security reasons, baggage must not be permanently closed by padlocks or combination locks. See the Terms and Conditions section for more information.

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On the agreed day, the courier will come to collect your luggage at the address you provided when booking your luggage. Remember that the transit time is between 9:00 and 20:00. If you have particular needs or difficulties, the Zyppy Contact Service staff will be at your disposal from Monday to Friday at the times indicated above. You can conveniently check the location of your luggage by entering the AWB number provided at the time of booking in the reserved area.

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Safe delivery

Your luggage will be followed during all stages of the shipment, until delivery in the hands of the recipient you indicated to us. Any unforeseen events will be handled and intercepted by Zyppy staff who will resolve it immediately. You will receive a notification of successful delivery and all the assistance you need to guarantee you the best of services.

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Sports equipment

Bulky sporting items such as skis, snowboards, bicycles and golf clubs can be shipped in either a soft or hard travel case. Make sure that all fragile items such as golf clubs or ski bindings are packaged with adequate padding. Bicycles can be shipped both in a hard travel case as well as in a sturdy cardboard box. For these shipments you will need to communicate with the Zyppy Contact Service to know weight and size limits and any additional costs.


Always remember that there are restrictions on what you can ship including any dangerous, combustible or flammable items, including lithium-ion batteries. Some items cannot be covered by our Silver and Gold warranties such as valuable or fragile items. Also remember that some goods or items cannot be shipped to certain countries.


For a complete list of prohibited items and restrictions see the Terms and Conditions page.



dal 1 dicembre al 28 febbraio
Spedisci con noi le tue attrezzature sportive ed i tuoi bagagli con il 10% di sconto*

* La promo si applica al costo della spedizione dei bagagli ed attrezzature e sono esclusi i servizi accessori.

Le province comprese nella promozione sono quelle con con impianti sciistici e si riferiscono al luogo dove effettueremo la consegna dei bagagli:

Udine, Belluno, Bolzano, Trento, Sondrio, Brescia, Bergamo, Verbania, Biella, Torino, Cuneo, Aosta, Modena, Pistoia, L’Aquila, Campobasso, Cosenza, Crotone.

Spedizione di prodotti alimentari

Se sono presenti prodotti alimentari nella spedizione ricordarsi di stampare e compilare il modulo “MANLEVA FOOD” che verrà inviato a fine spedizione.
Non tutti i cibi possono essere trasportati, nel documento “MANLEVA FOOD” sono riportati tutti i cibi non introducibili della spedizione.
I prodotti devono essere sotto vuoto e se si tratta di liquidi devono garantire la tenuta stagna.

Il modulo è scaricabile qui di seguito e, per tua comodità, ti sarà recapitato in allegato alla mail di conferma ordine.


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