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Effettuando il pagamento tramite Bonifico Bancario, dovremo verificare il corretto accredito prima di inviarti le etichette da stampare, per cui i tempi potrebbero dilungarsi.

Qualora volessi ulteriori informazioni 
puoi contattare il nostro call center
disponibile tra le 9.00 e le 17.00.

Call Center +39 02 84103040

Informazioni utili

Max allowed weight is 25 Kg/luggage
Total lenght of the three sides (width + length + depth) cannot exceed 210 cm.

Luggages with the largest dimension exceeding 120 cm are not allowed.

Where weight or dimensions should exceed the above limits. please check if they are within the limits of the Large Luggage and make sure you have selected the “large Luggage”. Please check with our Customer Care in case of doubts.

Please ensure pockets, hinges are tightly closed and that you cover any protruding parts. Please also check which products are not allowed to be carried within the luggages.

Dimensions and weight of luggages will be verified in our sorting branches. Should provided information be incorrect and exceed the above limits, additional charges will apply in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.